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Juliana Bertucci New Country 
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SERRA SAN BRUNO is high up in the mountains of Southern Italy. You get there on a twisting road that snakes up through the highland forests. Trees hang over the road to create a tunnel that filters the sun and cools the air. Snow signs warn that, in winter, this could be a more tortuous trail. But today the road is clear. We pass few cars. And you have the feeling that you are experiencing something special that has been set aside for just a few. Wild flowers grow up out of the forest litter and vines twirl their way around the tree trunks to search out their share of the sun. The leaves are starting to turn their autumn shades and a variety of greens speckle the canopy overhead. Our first stop is a Baroque church, one of the three in this small town. All are well-used, well-preserved and impressive in their architecture and presentation. This one has some excellent wood carvings and stained glass panels high in the walls above. The ceiling soars above to make a grand statement. There are some beautiful palaces to see and some fine stone work surrounding the portals. This is a very traditional Italian town. The old men sit as they do each day in the town square. Today the talk is about the coming olive harvest, but the discussion is mostly about the past. The happenings of last year, or maybe the events of ten years ago - to them it was only yesterday and it has been told many times before. They enjoy a joke together and no one cares if the story is embellished to make it a little more interesting this time around. They look so natural against the fading paint - it seems like they have been there forever (some of them have!). When you leave Serra San Bruno, the road falls away to the coastal plain. As you descend you will find three small villages grouped closely together - Stilo, Pazzano and Bivongi. All have a charm and natural beauty that you cannot forget. In these towns you will find lanes that twist and turn, steps that will lead you to the houses that are stacked one over the other as they perch on the hill. There is a famous 7th Century Byzantine church, a small grotto, and the 100 metre fall of the Marmarico Falls. Nearby, up a twisting track, is the monastery S. Giovanni Therystis, surrounded by olive groves and grape vines. We tried the local Bivongi wine that night, a rich sweet red that matched the taste of the bunch of grapes we had enjoyed that same afternoon. There will be little surprises around every corner - this is the joy of exploring Italian hill-top towns. Courtesy of Ciao Magazine.......next to (Mary Frampton)

Out of The Ashes - California seemed like a nice temporary spot to shake the shakes out of a complacent indiscernible life. Vinnie is considered a nice guy and most of the time his heart is a back seat driver on route to wherever. I called my friend in Greensburg PA and asked if I could do a brief interview, an update for some of his distant fans that don't hang out on FB... because sono too cool. The blues aficionado was glad to hear from me and agreed to share his humble pie of life.
I had the pleasure of working with Vinnie during the 90's when music was still directionally undecided. His artistry was a breath of fresh air for me. He had not yet been jaded by the overwhelming stigma of the LA music scene like so many. The boy from the east coast was green but in awe of his new surroundings. His circle of new friends exposed him to the hidden talents of artists that were truly in touch with themselves. "When you live in a small town of Pennsylvania and the next minute you are on Hollywood Blvd. your head does a 360 as you say to yourself I'm here, I'm really here." I could hear the excitement in his voice as he reminisced strolling mentally down the Sunset Strip. We continued to converse and were reminded of the challenges that were faced when stepping into the arena of mondo exposure if you were the musician du jour." Our chat touched on the downside of those years. "Disappointments," he paused and with a roar began, "I couldn't find decent live music with hot players Jimi. I was going nuts before I met you…Here I am in the capitol of entertainment and I can't find a F*** place with real music." I couldn't help but laugh out loud . He was quite serious, and although there were many places to catch live entertainment the lack of great musicians was outweighed by the over zealous pay-to-play rock stars to-be. Vinnie had his exaggeration cap on, but I did agree with some of what he was saying. The word "mediocre" came up, something that will require delicate bashing. His frustration with the decadent lifestyle that seemed to follow LA had finally fueled Vinnie's ass enough to make him ask a crucial question. Was he to continue bathing in the world of promises and wait his turn? "The more I surrounded myself with that type of environment, the more I realized I just want to play music". After all the tinsel has tumbled and inflated rock dreams have come to an idle ...reality is there to greet you with a big smack to the back of the head. So where is Vinnie now? These days the Greensburg kid is hanging out in his not so "mediocre" Pennsylvania neighborhood that first inspired his love of music. His expectations for the future are to keep evolving. "I'm working with seasoned players that I have a lot of respect for." Bob Boyle on guitars Dave Zajdelon on drums and Ned Stokes on bass make up The Bad Boy Blues Band. He is now comfortably able to record in his state-of-the-art home studio and do gigs when the ego needs a little boost. His teenage daughter Jessica is showing great potential as a singer-songwriter and that really puts a smile on his face."I'm glad I'm out of the ashes." JB



This is my perspective under the umbrella
The clock ticks on minds grow weak
Some will live forever
The spirits walk among the living
The oceans crash without forgiveness
I received open ears when I was hard in my green days
Now that I've learned who I am
No one cares to hear my plan
The future is yesterday gone tomorrow
Kill the killers abolish the sadness
When I die bury me under the radio treeBring me flowers bring me highs
Under the radio tree
Play it loud play it louder
Under the radio tree radio tree... (GET ALL THE LYRICS AND DOWNLOAD THIS SONG FREE)


Harvey is still pursuing his comedy schtick and Maury is there to support him. Although his humor needs work or perhaps a writer.Harvey insists that he made the right choice.




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