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Nov 18 1972

Ave. of Americas' opening bid for the singles market "Goodbye Farewell" by Abraham's Children is a confirmed national hit, and has just been released Stateside by Buddah 


Jimi and Ronald... Mc haming it up. The Ronald MacDonald House in Loma Linda, California, provides a home away from home, to children that need treatment for illness or injuries. Jimi gives his support in any way he can. 

Classic rock before its time visit the store

Radio Tree 
Passion and Innocence 
Roll Over Rover
I Wasn't Searching 
Red White & Blue

REVIEW: It all depends on your taste or lack of it JIMI B should not be ignored.- News Advertiser - Gord Malcom

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SONG Passion&Innocence
W&M - Jimi Bertucci
Drums - Dave Valdez
Bass - Bob Feldman
Guitar - Gregg Fisher
Guitar - Vinnie Defloria
Keys - Robert Hoelting
Vocals - Jimi Bertucci
BGV- Robert Hoelting,Vinnie DeForia, Jimi Bertucci
Studio - Desert Moon Recording Studio Anaheim CA
Engineer - Barry Wood
Producer - Jimi Bertucci
Songs are very much like postcards. You attempt to say a lot within a small space. Order your copy now. store
BNOrecordingUSA our own label since 1996. Because we wanted to keep our integrity.(order now)

WELCOME to jimib.com webmag - the official site of Jimi Bertucci, internationally recognized singer, songwriter and hit-maker. Bertucci is best known as the founding member and lead singer-songwriter of the hugely successful Canadian pop/rock group Abraham's Children who splashed onto the 70's music charts with what would become a string of hit songs that continue to be heard on radio stations across the country today. During the years that followed, Bertucci founded successful bands like Space Patrol, Angel and The Police, while also pursuing a solo career. Recent years have seen things come full circle when he reformed Abraham's Children and got the band touring once again. Jimi Bertucci's musical career has brought him international acclaim having recorded in both English and Italian and he's still going strong. It's all here on the official site…listen to the music, browse the store, check upcoming tour dates and hear what others have to say. This is one of the very few sites that offers exclusive items and music of Jimi Bertucci and Abraham's Children. We know you will enjoy cruising our pages. As one of our banners states, jimib.com is not always about music. Here you can find some very creative writing as well as photos from a number of the finest photographers of our time. Over the years we have had thousands of visitors from all over the globe. We thank you for not only surfing on our site, but for all the support through your purchases and comments. Marisa Lang President & Ceo. WOW2210 Productions. FOR BOOKINGS AND INFORMATION CONTACT us by email at mailto:morethanjustmusic@jimib.com or visit our contact page. Online Since 1997 



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Jennifer Dale - Reborn - One of life's little pleasures is having the opportunity to converse with interesting people and, if they happen to be intelligent, well spoken, as well as beautiful, the ride of discourse becomes an enjoyable journey. Jennifer Dale, whose real family name is Ciurluini, is the perfect tête-à-tête companion. She speaks with confidence and directness regarding her life and a career that has spanned over four decades. "So tell me Jenny, when did you get the acting bug?," I asked. "I've been acting since I was a child. I started when I was nine years old." Her stage debut was in 1965, the year Ed Mirvish purchased the Royal Alex Theatre and brought in a series of American road musicals. "I played Baby June in a production of "Gypsy" that starred a great American singer-actress named Julie Wilson and that's how I got the bug." She and her also successful sister, actress Cynthia Dale, who is probably best known as lawyer Olivia Novak in the long-running hit TV series, ...(read more)

Over the past ten years WOW2210 has developed into a major production house. The company has just signed a multi- year agreement with the world famous Italian Walk Of Fame in Toronto, Canada. The event, held annually, honors some of the most notable individuals that have excelled in their respective fields. Next year's event is scheduled for Oct. 2015. This year WOW2210 will also see rocker Jimi Bertucci in the studio recording a new cd in his native Italian tongue of Calabrese. The music will reflect on Jimi's roots and his interpretation of one of the languages on which he was raised. The new commercial ad for Eco Mist Solutions is complete and can be heard here. ( For consultation regarding an upcoming event or production, please contact us at wow2210productions@jimib.com ) 

   "Murder In The Office "... I will never forget the tragic morning of August 24th. I can still feel the anguish and unsettling in my stomach with just the mention of that date. I arrived at the office around 8:00 o'clock, as I usually do, only to be surrounded by police vehicles and detectives swarming the building. I approached the front entrance and asked the two officers guarding the door what...$22.95 Plus S&H ORDER NOW!!!  (audiobook) n  

"The band, in the short time it was around, was kind of legendary," he said."No one could stand on stage with us because Jimi was the most charismatic frontman I've ever seen in Canada. He was like Elvis. Women fainted when he walked in the room. LIKE THE BEATLES "Now, he's like a middle-aged Italian guy, but back in the day Jimi was incredibly star-like (read the full story) 



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 The Italian Walk of Fame on College Street By Concita Minutola
Originally Published: 2009-09-13
"From now on, I'll have another reason to take a walk along College Street," says a fan waiting to get a glimpse of Giancarlo Giannini on the red carpet at the inauguration of the Italian Walk of Fame in front of the CHIN building in Little Italy on Monday, Sept. 7. Along with the Giannini star are those dedicated to hockey legend Phil Esposito, singer Connie Francis, OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino, entrepreneur Rudy Bratty, and a star in commemoration of Johnny Lombardi. On a sunshine-filled day, Giannini shook hands with fans and complimented the Italian ... (more)
hmmmm.....I'd say, Jimi's poetry reflects a certain vulnerability, depth, and soul most men do not display, let alone possess. Lisa California
 Bad Boy Joe Pantoliano...hey Joe - Enrico Colantoni - Janis Joplin - Nick Mancuso - Nero

MARIA GRAZIA CUCINOTTA - Always Fresh - The orange skies and balmy evening brought a melancholy rush to my body as I strolled down Santa Monica Boulevard towards the water. I noticed a long line of enthused patrons holding Starbuck coffee cups and chatting while waiting to get into the theater. My eyes happened to turn upwards to the marquee that read "Il Postino"...(read more)  A RITUAL OF SORTS The day could not have been more perfect. The sun bathed against the warm blue skies while the sounds of the city added a rhythmic groove to the morning streets. Watching the setup for this yearly occasion, which has grown to be an important punctuation in the international circle of who's who,...(read more)
BEVERLY D'ANGELO - The Natural - 2012 Italian Walk Of Fame inductee. Toronto, CA - Have you ever felt a rush of silent energy that moves your inner soul? At seven in the morning, with eyes wide shut, I flopped myself onto the black leather couch against the mixing console that had probably seen a lot of rock n roll. Recording studios were designed to be dark for many reasons. The usual suspects shuffled in, all dressed in tasteful seventies garb, ready to lay down some tracks... (read more) Shake: Words and Music by: Jimi Bertucci and B.B. Gabor. - It was another one of those uncertain autumn Toronto nights The rain was falling lightly as I looked out from my basement window, in perfect time as it spilled into an old rusty tin can. I heard a faint knock on the door ...(read more) 
JOE PANTOLIANO - In Control - 2012 Italian Walk Of Fame inductee. Toronto, CA - Yo Joe whaja got happin" . This is how I envision my relationship with Mr. Pantoliano had we been good paesanos growing up together in Hoboken, playing ball hockey in the streets or splashing one another in the Hudson River on those hot summer days. Dreaming was a big part of our m.o. Yeah we would be buds for sure, popular with the girls and hanging out at the local joint. One day you're punching each other... (read more)

LONG BEACH, CA - SURVIVING JANIS JOPLIN - A woman like no other, Peggy's fast-paced stories burn a hole through the fabric of time, allowing me a quick vision of the whirlwind of changes occurring in San Francisco during the sixties.(read more) 
CARLO BALDASSARRA - Sentimental Nostalgia - I entered the Greenpark temple and was escorted to a large office filled with drafting designs, scattered papers...and more drawings. In the corner of the room sat a detailed sculpture of Father Pio who was venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church. The off-white walls were not cluttered with exotic art or collectable artifacts. Perhaps I had expected to see awards and statues of praise and accolades for this construction icon. But none were present.
Mr. Baldassarra sat across from me. This man was clearly at...(read more)
KING OF SOUL AND THE DEATH The year was 1966 if my mush of a brain recalls and excitement was in the air. My new band, The Death, was scheduled to open for none other than the king of soul, Mr. James Brown and the Famous Flames. It would be an unusual line-up. The Death was like a psychedelic in-your-face...(read more) 

Toronto-Canada - Abies Babies Manager Marisa Lang enjoys the company of international renowned actor Franco Nero. Mr. Nero is well known as one of the original Spaghetti-Western kings. His classic flick Django is still one of the best selling dvd's of all time. Mr. Nero was first discovered by director John Huston, who cast him in "The Bible: In The Beginning" (1967). That same year he appeared in Camelot as Sir Lancelot, where he met his long-time romantic partner Vanessa Redgrave, whom he later married. In 2010, Nero and Redgrave paired up in the film Letters to Juliet. The handsome blue-eyed actor was recently in Toronto to receive a star on the Italian Walk of Fame along with the Common Spirit Award for his contribution to the arts.Along with Mr. Nero were Connie Stevens, NHL star Roberto Luongo, popstar Bobby Curtola, Real Estate mogul and owner of the Vancouver Canucks Luigi Aquilini. Visit www.italianwalkoffame.com for more great celeb photos, stories and gala tickets. Get your tickets early for 2014. Photo by Mike Bellissimo. 

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 AC 30
 and much more...

RETRO MAN journalist.  
HUG HUG KISS KISS - There's an old saying, "If you want to know…just ask". The SoHo Hotel in downtown Toronto is what they call a boutique hotel. I've never really understood what that meant until my partner and I spent a couple of days hanging out with our inductees, which included Armand Assante. Yes, that Armand. The staff at the SoHo is what I call hip and pronto and very informed. Lanfranco, the Italian concierge, has been in the room business forever and his encounter with celebrity cakes has been many. Over the past couple of years we have become good friends with Franco and often converse in our native tongues. I walked into SENSES, a dimly-lit upscale watering hole with comfortable couches, designer chairs and an assortment of alcohol that lined the endless bar like a lightshow. We made contact with Mr. Assante and greeted each other in the customary Italian fashion, hug hug, kiss kiss. Our server was quick and I ordered two Martini and Rossi, red, frozen-cold, without any ice. Having spent the last 30 years in Tinsletown hasn't hardened me. I still feel the aweness of meeting someone special and "Il Duro" was very much that. We chatted about kids, making movies, living on a farm. We even managed to discuss my fall that left me broken-fingered. We talked about family and roots. The more we filled the room with colorful common verbiage, the more we connected. Our humorous repartee confirmed the commonality of our heritage and the strength that our ancestors had endured for us. We made our way to Forget About It, a trendy restaurant in the ever-expanding entertainment district of TO. The last time we were there was for a reading of Ice Time, a film based on the life of legendary hockey icon, Phil Esposito, which seemed to have melted away to nothing. Like true hungry gladiators, we all managed to down a feast of Italian delectable dishes, a few bottles of wine and more tasty conversation. Mike, our click-happy photographer never missed a moment in capturing the purity of undisguised presence. In the famous words of Elvis, "It was a night, um what a night, it was really such a night." We undid a few holes in our belts and proceeded to hail a couple of cabs to take us back at the SoHo. It was hug hug, kiss kiss, once again and a buona notte to an evening that will dance in our hearts forever. JB (photo by Mike Bellissimo) 
 GUTTER PUNKS A Gutter punk is a homeless or transient individual, often a juvenile, who is in some way associated with the punk subculture. The term has traditionally been used to describe homeless juveniles who display a variety of specific physical traits. These characteristics are often, but not always, associated with the punk subculture . They include unkempt dreadlocks, nose rings or mohawk hairstyles. In certain regions, gutter punks are notorious for panhandling and often display cardboard signs that make statements about their lifestyles Gutter punks reside ...(read more) 
O.P.P. – The 100th anniversary of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) was more than a celebration of beginnings, it was a tribute to the men and women who, for 100 years, have been patrolling the highways and roadways within the province of Ontario. Commissioner Julian Fantino and his crew allowed us into the history and workings of this prestigious force that began in 1909. Our host, Sam Ciccolini, is no stranger to the duties of contribution and welfare to this province. A recipient of the Order of Canada, Mr. Ciccolini eloquently guided us throughout this milestone event. Premier Dalton McGuinty gave his campaign speech (not really) and showed sincere gratitude to these men and women in uniform that, for a century, have helped keep the province of Ontario a safe place to live.  BIG CHECK BIG HEART - Proceeds raised during the Italian Walk Of Fame Gala Awards Dinner were donated to the Abruzzo Earthquake Relief Fund. The live auction during the lavish evening at the Riviera Parc offered an assortment of exquisite items, some autographed by the inductees honored that day including rare collectable movie posters donated by Marco Mastrangelo and signed by the one and only Giancarlo Giannini. A collection of Phil Esposito sweaters representing his NHL career, donated by Sam Ciccolini and signed by Mr. Esposito himself, were also in high demand. Up for grabs as well were a few cases of special edition bottles of wine commemoratively labeled in honor of the first annual Italian Walk of Fame, signed by all 5 inductees and donated by Central Valley Wines. Co-founders of IWOF Jimi Bertucci, Marisa Lang, the honorable Mr. Justice Frank Iacobucci and Gala Chairperson Sam Ciccolini present a $15,000 check to The Abruzzo Earthquake Relief Fund  

Marisa and friends taking in the food fun and feast at the San Gennaro festival in Hollywood. "Some of my fondest childhood memories are those of the Italian feasts we celebrated in Brooklyn and then later, Las Vegas. Nine years ago, my friend Doug DeLuca and I decided that Los Angeles deserved its own San Gennaro feast and we set out to make that happen. Thanks to the efforts and generosity of our many great sponsors and volunteers, the feast has become a much-anticipated and well-loved annual event. But the feast isn’t only about diving headfirst into a sack of zeppoles. It is about coming together to celebrate Italian-American culture and, more importantly, making time for family and friends.” Late Night Talk Show Host, Jimmy Kimmel Live Chairman, San Gennaro Foundation Sept 27,28, 29, 2013 - Hollywood

Mr. sugar sugar and Marisa smiling for the camera. Over the past few years Andy Kim has become a friend to Jimi and Marisa. The three often meet up at charity events and Andy's Christmas Show has become an annual tradition in Toronto. Andy was born and raised in Montreal and came onto the music scene in the late 60's with a string of hits which included How'd We Ever Get This Way, Sugar Sugar, Baby I Love You and Rock Me Gently to name a few. His most recent project is a new album, his first in over 20 years titled, Happen Again, released by E1 Music Canada. 

MARISA LANG - Marisa was glued to the radio and television. She sang along with popular songs and imitated the bloob tube celebrities. As a teen growing up in Trieste, Italy and Toronto,Canada she would keep in touch with the world with all her subscriptions of teen magazines. Her bi-coastal lifestyle allowed her to have a good sense of fashion and trends. Her father was a proud man that served in the Italian Army and her mother was the loving caring protective Italian mom. A graduate of York University majoring in Psychology she would soon discover that entertainment was somehow still flowing through her creative senses. She decided to leave a successful career in Psychiatric research and form her own company Marisa Lang Management. Over the years her company MLM would go on to manage some very important artists, administrate an extensive catalog of music for James Bert Publishing of which she is part owner. "To me being a part of this historic event is an honor, the Italian Walk Of Fame (IWOF) represents hope to the future of our heritage". 

Toronto Film Festival - All aboard! Look who Marisa Lang and Jimi Bertucci happened to bump into at the Toronto International Film festival...Melissa DiMarco (centre), actress/TV personality and host of Out There with Melissa DiMarco. An abundance of yummy hors d'euvres were served and the champagne flowed at the Italian Cinema party aboard the Kajama Tall Ship docked at Toronto's harbour. The three had lots to chat about, including the launch of the Italian Walk of Fame which Bertucci and Lang are spearheading. They even took time out from their schmoozing to shoot a short scene that will air in the coming weeks on DiMarco's TV show. Photo by Tony Morrone  TORONTO, CANADA - Actor Robert Davi and Marisa schmoozing at the Italian Film Festival wrap party held at Toula’s on top of the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel in Toronto . Mr. Davi’s film, The Dukes, which he directed and also starred in, ended the festival’s 5-day long run with a bang by getting rave reviews. A departure from his familiar role as “the bad guy”, the "dramedy", as he describes it, showed us all there is a lighter, more charming, side to the man. The screening took place earlier that same evening at the Bloor St. Cinema and marked the film’s Canadian premier.  

We rehearsed the tune maybe two or three times. It was a brand new song I just completed and thought it would be apropos for the gig. Alli’s Journey is a non-profit, charitable organization that was created by a young woman named Alli Shapiro Amar. She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 19. While enduring 7 years of treatment, Alli and her mother, Pam Shainhouse, noticed the lack of resources for young adults with cancer and were determined to do something about it. Great gig great cause. (read more about the show)... AC ROCK AND SPARK CENTRE FOR A GREAT CAUSE - The George Weston Recital hall is just that, a recital hall. When I walked into this incredibly designed structure per l'arte de l'arte at the Toronto Centre for the Arts, I was quickly reminded of my days in Europe sprinting from one acoustically perfect theatre to another. There is almost a spiritual aura when you're standing in rooms still emanating the essence of music that has the ability to reach out and touch the inner soul. I was early and decided to try and catch the sound check. As I approached the back stage I was stopped by a security guard asking me for credentials. I showed him my press pass and satisfied his curiosity. In an authoritative tone he expressed that the band did not want anyone present during sound check. I said "ok" and walked to a local restaurant to kill some time before the concert. I knew AC was closing the show and decided I need not rush. An hour and a bottle of Masi red later...(more



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Listen to the New Country from BNOrecordingUSA newest artist Juliana Bertucci.   
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Go ahead and make a statement. Fashion to soothe the mind.
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DYK that Marisa was born in Trieste, Italy and came to Canada on a big ship when she was just a baby. 

Corremio Certosa 2005 Premiato insieme a Cordiano, Simonetta e BarillariÈ arrivato in Canada a 6 anni con una chitarra per bambini di plastica e ora è uno dei più grandi...(more)  

I was able to manipulate the hand-me-down system and, at times, my parents 


Blogger: yes, Joy you should no longer "attack" poor Elizabeth, that narrow minded idiot who can't form two intelligent words of her own that are not part of the same old same old party line. That kool-aid comment is just another example of avoidance of the issues by attacking the candidate

VDB: HUh...avoidance - issues-narrow minded idiot I know this a long shot, but are you a Liberal....(order the book)   

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Below Jimi and some friends. Armand Assante, Enrico Colantoni, Miss Canada, Will Hare, Glenn Olive, Shawn O'Shea, Gerry Fielding  

 KING OF SOUL AND THE DEATH The year was 1966 if my mush of a brain recalls and excitement was in the air. My new band, The Death, was scheduled to open for none other than the king of soul, Mr. James Brown and the Famous Flames. It would be an unusual line-up. The Death (more)
 See Marisa and Fabio...yes I can't believe it's not butter.

Leave it to Toronto to produce another fresh breeze in what has lately become a progressively stale North American scene. Jimi B is an artist and album that flaunts very periodic flashes of imagination in writing and performance. ( more reviews )
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